Replacing Your Front Entry Door? 3 Things To Consider

Your front entry door serves as the focal point of your home, since it is where you welcome guests into your house and how you essentially keep everyone inside your home safe and secure. These days, you can select a door that effectively reflects your individual style without actually compromising the security of your home. From colors and locks to fittings and windows, here are a few things you will want to consider as you look for and purchase a replacement front entry door.

Design and Style

Many people want to ensure that their front entry door match the rest of their home. If the front of your home is wide, you may want to consider opting for double doors, as this will help balance the house front and make it appear more proportioned. There are some homeowners who prefer a more traditional panel-style door, whereas other homeowners like to stay on-trend with their front door by opting for a large, vault-like entry door. Regardless of the design that you go with, glass windows allow a significant amount of natural light into the front entrance.

After you choose a style, you will need to choose a color. A vibrant color like green or red will help to add a pop of color to a simple house front, whereas darker shades like navy or black will offer a sense of opulence when trimmed out with metal fittings.


While the entry door is relatively sturdy the way it is, it is possible to add extra security features so that it can become more challenging to enter. Most homeowners opt for a deadbolt, since it is only able to be opened with a key. However, when choosing a deadbolt, you need to consider the grade, as there are multiple grades. Grade 3 is the most basic, with Grade 2 being the middle level, and Grade 1 being the highest level of security at a residential level.


There are many types of materials that you can choose from when it comes to your front door. Solid wood is long-standing and robust with an assortment of styles and finishes that will complement most homes, but it can also be costly. Steel tends to be more affordable and just as sturdy, and it can be painted virtually any color. Fiberglass is popular due to is durability and energy efficiency, and they can come with a finish that mimics wood for a cheaper price.

If you are in the market for a front door, get in touch with a supplier or contractor in your area for more information.