6 Trends That Give Garage Doors Curb Appeal

The humble garage door is in something of a renaissance in recent years. Homeowners now place a much bigger emphasis on doors with curb appeal, sentencing the old, white slab doors to the dustbin of history. If you're thinking about contacting a garage door company to discuss a project, you may want to think about these 6 trends that can add considerable curb appeal.

Deep Tones and Bright Colors

A garage door has traditionally stood out as a while rectangle offset against the paint job of the larger structure. Many property owners are using darker and deeper tones to let the door blend in a little better. Others are going with bright colors to make their garage doors stand out even more. Whether you want a statement or something understated, a garage door company can hook you up with an appealing option.


Wooden textures have been the go-to option for a few years, but folks are also looking into rough, industrial ones, too. Advances in composite materials allow manufacturers to create products that closely simulate nearly any texture you can imagine. You may also want to follow the carriage house trend and use real wood.

Contemporary Styling Meets Modern Art

Looking at a door and thinking it might as well be a monolith can feel boring. An interesting trend is the arrival of doors that employ contemporary styles and modern art to mix tones and textures like the door is a canvas for abstract painting. Washed and cloudy finishes give doors a sense of the Avante Garde.


Heading the other direction artistically, even folks who want a classic vibe can upgrade their trend game. Stylized hinges can stand out from the surrounding door, and many people use wrought iron or composites to create a sense that the door belongs to a barn at a 19th Century estate.

Going Big

A huge garage door makes a statement even if it was designed purely for practical purposes. Many people now use double-wide garage doors to accommodate multiple large vehicles. Likewise, a large and stylized door will grab the eye of anyone who passes by.

Matching Trim

One of the reasons doors often look monolithic is they don't have the same trim as the house. Garage door services providers, however, can help you match the color and style of your house with a door that's more visually dynamic. Especially with the attached garages, this can be a huge difference-maker.

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