What to Do if You Moved to an Area with Bad Storms and You Have Bad Windows

When you move to an area that gets violent storms and high winds and you live in an older home, the noise, and rattling of windows can be terrifying. If you are worried about the windows breaking during the next storm, it's time to invest in storm windows for the property.

The cost of durable storm windows is worth the investment for your safety and for the protection of the property. Here are things to consider if you are undecided about doing the project and making the investment.

Benefits of Storm Windows

Storm windows aren't just great for the home to protect from storm damage. The thick impact-resistant glass will provide these benefits also:

  • High energy efficiency rating
  • Sound resistant
  • Deflected UV rays to prevent UV damage on materials inside the home
  • Protection from moisture like humidity, rainfall, and snow

The storm windows aren't just going to hold strong when there are high winds and impact, but they also help you keep your home dry, quiet, and at a comfortable temperature.

Adding Storm Shutters  

Storm shutters add an extra barrier for protection in areas where storms are problems, and they can look very stylish and complementary to the home. Have a company come out to give a quote and look at the different styles and material options. You can get a design that makes it easy to cover the windows when you know there is a storm coming. A vinyl or metal option will be easy to maintain.

Talking with Your Insurance Provider

You want to talk with the insurance provider about two different things. You want them to know that you are having the windows replaced, so there will be workers inside your home, and a time when the windows are out of the walls. This allows them to offer you temporary coverage for liability and other potential issues during the project. You also want to get an insurance discount when you invest in the new storm-resistant windows.

There are a lot of different problems that can result from having old or poor quality windows in a storm region where winds can be violent. Take the time to get a few quotes for new storm windows, and find out what all the quote entails. If you need to have the old windows taken away, make sure this in the quote before the process begins. Contact companies like Southern Glass & Mirror to learn more about storm windows.