4 Ways To Keep Your Roof Cool

If your home gets really hot in the summer, it is time to consider ways to make your roof cooler. A cooler roof will translate to a cooler home. There is a wide range of steps you can take that will decrease the average temperature of your roof, and thus your home.

#1: Reflective Roofing Material

One of the best ways to cool off your home is by using reflective roofing materials on your home. If you are in a place to replace your roofing material, you should seriously consider installing a reflective roofing material. Reflective roofing material is all about reflecting solar heat away from your home in order to make your home cooler.

There is a wide range of reflective material you can use, from reflective asphalt shingles to reflective concrete tile products, so you can find a reflective roofing material that works for your home and region.

#2: Go for a Lighter Colored Roof

When you change your roofing material, be sure to consider the color of the roofing material you have on your home. Traditionally, lots of dark shades were used for roofs. However, darker shades tend to absorb more heat.

If you want your home to be cool, consider switching to lighter colors for your roof. Lighter colors will help reflect heat away from your home and will not absorb as much heat either, helping to cool your home off in two different and important ways.

#3: Add Solar Panels

If you want to cool off your home and reduce your overall energy costs, consider adding solar panels to your roof. Solar panels are installed on top of your roof.

When the sun hits the top of your home, instead of hitting your roof, the sunlight will hit your solar panels, where it will be absorbed and turned into energy, allowing you to create our own electricity and reduce your electrical bill. Your roof, with protective solar panels in place, will also be cooler as well, keeping the heat down in your home.

#4: Pay Attention to Your Attic

Your attic impacts the performance of your home and how comfortable your home is overall. If you want your house and your roof to be cooler, you need to make sure your home is properly insulated and ventilated.

You need vents in your attic that allow heat to escape. Proper ventilation will keep your attic from turning into a hot box that heats up both your home and your roof. Proper insulation will help keep your attic, and thus your home, at a more consistent temperature.

When it comes to cooling off your home, start with your roof. Install reflective roof material and use lighter-colored roofing material. Add solar panels to your roof to keep it cool and turn that sunlight into usable energy. You should also make sure your attic has proper insulation and ventilation. These steps will help make your home and roof cooler and more energy efficient.

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