Helpful Advice for Renovating the Bathroom of an In-Home Daycare Facility

If you have been hired by someone to renovate a bathroom for an in-home daycare, you may be wondering what the best options are for your client. Here are several things to consider when updating a bathroom to be used for an in-home daycare facility. 

Follow Requirements & Guidelines

Of course, you and your client will both want to adhere to the local building codes as well as the state's and county's guidelines for in-home daycare facilities regarding the number of bathroom fixtures and toilets required based on the number of children enrolled in the daycare. Once you have a better understanding of the requirements and guidelines, you'll be able to select the style of toilet and sink for the children's bathroom.

3 Bathroom Fixtures Features to Consider

Likely, the main reason your client wants to renovate the bathroom for their in-home daycare business is to provide a safer bathroom that is easier and more affordable to use. Here are three specific features to consider when renovating a bathroom for an in-home daycare facility. 

  1. Scaled to size fixtures. Toilets and sinks should be scaled to size for the children who will be cared for in the facility. The faucets and handles should be sized appropriately for the smaller sinks and also be easily operated by small children. The shorter toilets and sinks will help reduce the risks of accidents in the bathroom since children won't need to climb up onto stools in order to sit on the toilet or to use the sink. 
  2. Easy to clean and sanitize. Small children are notorious for carrying germs and this is particularly true for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning to use the potty. The bathroom fixtures should be sleek and easy to quickly sanitize in between usage of children, if necessary, as well as daily sanitization. 
  3. Low-flow fixtures. Small children who are learning to wash their hands can use a lot of water. They may also want to flush several times while they sit on the potty. These issues, when multiplied by a number of children, can cause the daycare facility to use a lot of water. Because of this, low-flow fixtures can help save water and, therefore, reduce operating costs. 

Renovating a bathroom for in-home daycare business may seem challenging at first,. However, don't feel overwhelmed. Follow the guidelines and requirements as well as consider the specific needs small children have in regards to toileting and washing their hands.