A Few Things To Consider When Looking For Commercial Real Estate

Regardless of the type of business you have or are planning, having the right commercial real estate is important. While many people only consider the cost of the lease, there are many other things that can make or break your business or will at least have an impact on your profit margin. You probably have an idea of what you need and want for your business establishment, however, here are some things you should discuss with the real estate agent as you look at potential rental spaces.

Visibility and Access

One of the most important considerations for a business establishment is its location. People need to be able to see your place and then easily get to it. Customers do not like to have to drive around looking for a place because it is hidden or hard to get to. If they cannot get to your place easily, they will search for another business to use. Another problem people have when trying to visit a place of business is parking. If there are not enough parking spots for you, employees, and customers, you are going to miss out on some business.


If you will be going into a building that has other businesses, you want to be sure you will not be in direct competition with them. An already established business is going to draw more people to them than a new one will. While you may bring people to the building initially, if they see the name of a more popular business, they could end up bypassing you and going to them. It is not often the reverse happens where you will gain business due to people coming to the competition.


You need to find out who is responsible for what type of maintenance on the building. Many commercial places have their tenants pay for common area maintenance, too. This would include things like painting the lines in the parking lot, landscaping, and keeping the building looking clean and nice. You should also ask about the HVAC for the building and find out who has to pay if something goes wrong with it.

Many commercial real estate agents are well aware of the answers to these questions before they show you the listings. However, if you have done some looking on your own, they may not know the property well enough and need some time to research these things. Before ever meeting with an agent, write down all the possible questions you may have so they can find the answers for you. Keep these tips in mind when looking at commercial real estate for your business.