Choosing Glass Commercial Doors For Your Building

Many businesses and property managers will want to use high-quality glass doors for the entrance to their buildings. While commercial architectural glass doors can be an elegant and practical option for almost any commercial building, there are still some considerations that will need to be reviewed.

Decide Whether The Doors Will Need To Be Automated

Automated doors can be a popular option for businesses due to the aesthetic and convenience that they can offer individuals that are attempting to enter. Additionally, they can ensure that the building is compliant with regulations that mandate it to be accessible to those that have mobility issues. However, commercial glass doors can be extremely heavy, and it will be necessary to install a motor that will be strong enough to be able to move these doors.

Protect The Glass

While your commercial architectural glass doors can provide your building with a pleasing aesthetic, they can also be vulnerable to suffer damage. Luckily, there are effective options for reducing the risk of the doors suffering damage that will lead to them needing to be replaced. One of the most important will be to choose a glass that is extremely resistant to impacts. Additionally, having a graffiti film applied to the glass can protect the glass door from being ruined by vandals. In the event that your glass doors are vandalized by graffiti, you will be able to simply remove the graffiti film and have another one applied to the glass. If your doors did not come with this type of film included, most commercial glass door installation contractors will be able to apply this film to the glass once they have finished installing the door for an additional fee.

Consider Energy And Sound Ratings For Any Potential Commercial Doors

The doors to your business can have large impacts on the energy-efficiency of the building and the amount of noise that is able to make it inside. Fortunately, many commercial glass doors are designed so that they will be extremely resistant to allowing noise to pass through them. Light entering the building through these glass doors can be a source of major heat gain, and this problem will be particularly pronounced for buildings that are in hot and sunny climates. Luckily, ultraviolet blocking coatings or films can be applied to the glass. While this will not completely stop the heat gain that can occur from these doors, it can dramatically reduce it.

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