Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Roofing

If you have been hearing about all the benefits metal roofs have to offer, then you may have decided you want a metal roof on your home as well. However, if you aren't yet all that familiar with metal roofs, then you probably have plenty of questions about them. Here are some different questions other people have about metal roofs, as well as the answers. 

Will a metal roof attract lightning?

A big concern people who have never had a metal roof before tend to have is that it will increase the chances of their home being struck by lightning. However, having a roof that's metal will not increase your chances of the home being hit by lightning. The things on your property that will be the most at risk of being struck are those that are the tallest, such as power poles and trees. 

Will the rain be loud when it hits the metal roof?

When it rains, you may notice that you hear it more than you did with your previous roof. However, you shouldn't expect for it to be loud and in fact, most people find the sound to be a pleasant relaxing one, much in the same way that people tend to like the sound of waterfalls or streams. 

Are metal roofs better for areas with a higher risk of fire?

Metal roofs are fire-resistant by nature and this makes them safe for areas with an increased chance of fires, such as wooded and drought areas. 

Can you still have skylights if you go with a metal roof?

Some people are under the misconception that skylights can't be installed in a home that has a metal roof. However, this is false. The skylights in metal roofs just need to be curved instead of flush with the roof. 

Are metal roofs considered to be environmentally friendly?

One of the concerns that a lot of people have when it comes to any of the materials that are being used in updates or improvements to their home is whether the materials are considered to be environmentally friendly. Another benefit of about metal roofs is that they are considered to be one of the more environmentally friendly roofing options. Metal roofs are recyclable (you can reuse the metal) and they last for a very long time, which means you won't have to replace it anytime soon. 

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