Drone Surveying Provides You With Helpful Information About Your Land

If you need a land survey done, the surveying company might do the job with a drone. Drone surveying is quick and accurate. It's a better choice than manual surveying in certain situations. A drone survey involves using a drone and software to create images of the land below and to identify property boundaries. Here's how drone surveying works.

A Suitable Drone Is Needed

Land surveying could take several passes with a drone to collect all of the data points. For that reason, the drone used needs to have a long battery life so the surveyor doesn't have to keep stopping the survey. This means quality drones are needed that are capable of long flight times, that can fly autonomously, and that have a high-quality camera for taking geotagged photos.

The Right Software Is Chosen

Different types of software can be used to interpret data collected by the drone. If you're having a basic land survey done, you may need a 2D, 3D, or topographical survey. However, a drone can also be equipped with equipment and software to do laser and thermal mapping.

The data received is sent through software that applies geotags to the photos and then seams the photos together to create a map of the area surveyed.

The Flight Path Is Programmed

A drone survey is done from the air over a specific area of land. The flight path is determined in advance and involves the drone making several passes over the land to photograph the entire area using cameras that point down toward the ground.

As the drone flies, it takes photographs of your property below. Depending on the size of your land, the drone might take hundreds or thousands of photographs to send to the software to be processed.

The Benefits Of Drone Surveying

Besides being quicker than manual surveying, drone surveying can be done in areas that are dangerous or difficult for people or vehicles to enter. This allows the survey company to complete a full assessment of your entire plot of land. The work generally goes faster too, which could be important if you have a lot of acres you want to have surveyed.

Plus, the drone provides high-quality photographs of your land with accurate geotags. If there are buildings, you'll also see accurate 3D representations of them. You can get a lot of information about the property from a drone survey. Let the survey company know what you want to achieve so they can use the right combination of equipment to gather the information you want.