6 Things You Shouldn't Assume Regarding The Services Of A Land Surveyor

Property owners often need to hire land surveyor services for a variety of reasons. It's important to be properly informed about land survey services and to hire such services when you need them.

The following are six things you should not assume regarding the services of a land surveyor.

A plot of land only needs to be surveyed once.

If your land was surveyed once a long time ago, that doesn't mean that it never needs to be surveyed again. Factors such as easement rights can change through the years, and a land surveyor might have more information available today than the original land surveyor had many years ago.

You shouldn't just rely on an old survey because land surveys that were carried out a long time ago might be inaccurate or incomplete by modern standards. 

Land surveyor services are not necessary to prevent a neighbor from encroaching on your property. 

Property disputes with neighbors may be a lot more common than you think. Even if you consider that you have a very good relationship with your neighbors, it's still good to have land survey data available to you so that you have proof of the extent of your property. 

You can build on a lot that you have bought without having the land surveyed.

Land surveyor services are essential before you build on a property. You'll be legally obliged to construct your home or building a certain distance from the property line. If you don't have your land surveyed and an issue is found with the placement of your building, you could face severe and costly consequences. 

It will cost you too much to hire a land surveyor.

Land surveys are not generally very expensive and are likely to be one of the least expensive costs of your building project. On average, land surveys cost around $525. However, they can cost as little as $200 in some situations. 

A fence on your property designates your property boundaries as well as a surveyor could.

Don't think that you can rely on an existing fence as proof of your property boundaries. A fence that was put up in the past might not have necessarily been placed along the exact property boundary. 

You can put a fence up on your property without having your land surveyed.

Having a land survey done is a good idea whenever you want to build a fence on your property. In fact, you may be required to have a survey done to get a permit to put up a fence on your property depending on the municipality regulations that are in place where you live. 

To learn more, contact a land surveyor in your area.