2 Signs Your Basement's Concrete Has Water Seeping In

Lately, whenever you are in your basement, you may have noticed that the air feels humid, leading you to wonder whether or not you have a water leak somewhere. If so, look for the following signs that there is water seeping in from the outside of your home's foundation and through your basement's concrete walls. 1.  Water Stains on the Walls and/or in the Corners One sign for which to look when trying to determine whether or not you have water seeping through your basement's concrete walls is water stains. [Read More]

The Benefits Of Adding An Amish Garage To Your Property

An Amish garage is one that is built by hand by a member of the Amish community. The Amish people are known to have excellent wood workers within their group and sometimes the Amish are willing to sell their services to outsiders in order to make money for themselves and their communities. If you are looking to add a new garage to your property, here's why you might want to contact an Amish builder to inquire about Amish garage construction today. [Read More]

4 Reasons To Build A Custom Home

Building a new home is a great way for you to find something that works perfectly for you and your family. When you go to build a home, you can either work with a builder or you can build a custom one. While working with a home builder may come with its benefits, there are a few reasons why you may want to consider going the custom route.  1. You Can Pick Your Own Lot [Read More]

4 Ways To Keep Your Roof Cool

If your home gets really hot in the summer, it is time to consider ways to make your roof cooler. A cooler roof will translate to a cooler home. There is a wide range of steps you can take that will decrease the average temperature of your roof, and thus your home. #1: Reflective Roofing Material One of the best ways to cool off your home is by using reflective roofing materials on your home. [Read More]